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WaldiBen offers wide range of vegeteble products. Traditional recipes, natural ingredients and many years of experience result in the highest quality and unique taste of our products.

Guarantee of quality

Carefully selected vegetables and proven processing methods ensure the reliable quality of our products.

Natural ingredients

In our products artificial flavour enhancers or preservatives can not be found. We use only natural spices and preservations methods. 

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Cucumbers lux Waldiego

Crispy and rich, they owe their taste, to the special composition of spices. Among others, there can be sensed a hint od garlic and paprika. 

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Cucumbers in brine

Thanks to the natural proces of fermentation they have a lot of health properties and their sour flavour gives character to any dish they appear.

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Sweet corn

The golden colour and delicate sweet taste make it great for salads and Mexican dishes.

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Green peas

Ripe peas dipped in natural brine will perfectly match Polish dishes such as vegetable salad or meat jellies. 

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WaldiBen is a family buisness founded in 1982. From the very beggining it has been our goal to combine high quality, traditional recipes and natural ingredients. All this so that everone who reaches for our products can enjoy wonderful taste of Polish vegetables. We eksport our products to 18 countries all over the world.

~ Production ~


Over the last 40 years of our activity, our goal has been to combine traditional methods of vegetable processing with an industrial scale of production. It was possible thanks to modern machines that allowed us to mechanize many processes, while our products did not lose their traditional character and taste.

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